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Intern Program

The McCormick Motors intern program was started in 1999. The purpose of the program is to provide High School or recent High School graduates with the opportunity to complete on the job training in a dealership environment. Intern candidates are encouraged to apply at any time during the year for one of the four active intern positions at the dealership:

Once accepted in the program interns have access to manufacturer online training and are assigned a mentor to guide their development. Technicians are given a toolbox and a starter set of tools so that they can immediately begin working and learning.  The cost of the tools and toolbox are paid back with a payroll deduction of $10.00 per week or the remaining cost of the tools are forgiven once they complete 100% of the GM technician fundamentals. Interns are given additional consideration for the McCormick Motors scholarship program and are our first consideration for filling full-time positions. 

Listed below are the 2019 McCormick Motors Interns/Candidates:

Light Duty Service Technicians

Medium Duty Service Technicians

Body Shop Technician

Parts Consultant 


Internship Candidates: