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Truck Comparison Matrix

Step 1: Your Usage Information

To start, fill out the information below. You can change this information at any time to tweak your comparison.

Fuel Costs

Fill out the fuel costs for the different types of fuel to compare Operating costs.

Step 2: Choose Units

Next, Choose the units from the list below that you would like to compare. Use the left and right arrows to see more units to choose from. You will still be able to add or remove units at any time.

Step 3: Choose Attributes

Choose the attributes you want to compare across units by placing a check next to your selections from the list below.

Check All    Uncheck All

Step 4: Finalize & Print

That's It! Now you can change any of your selections by adding or removing columns, or rows using the links provided. Click on the images in the chart for more pictures. When you have the comparison the way you like it, you can click the Print link for a printer friendly version of your comparison.

Printable Version
Remove Row Body Type
Remove Row Rear Axle Configuration
Remove Row Gas Engine
Remove Row Gas Engine HP
Remove Row Gas Engine Torque
Remove Row Diesel Engine
Remove Row Diesel Engine HP
Remove Row Diesel Engine Torque
Remove Row Fuel Tank
Remove Row Transmission
Remove Row 2 or 4 Wheel Drive
Remove Row Wheelbase
Remove Row Turning Circle
Remove Row Tire Size
Remove Row GVWR
Remove Row Curb Weight w/o Body
Remove Row Net Payload (Body/Cargo)
Remove Row Body Length
Remove Row Body Dimension LxHxW
Remove Row Body Cube Capacity
Remove Row Sliding Side Entry Door
Remove Row Locking Rear Differential
Remove Row Engine Hour Meter
Remove Row Daytime Running Lights
Remove Row Oil Life Monitoring
Remove Row Powertrain Warranty
Remove Row Roadside Assistance
Remove Row Courtesy Transportation
Remove Row Truck Body Warranty
Annual Vehicle Operating Cost
(Modify Usage)
Annual Vehicle Operating Cost
(Modify Usage)
Annual Vehicle Operating Cost
(Modify Usage)
Annual Vehicle Operating Cost
(Modify Usage)