Energy Conservation and Efficiency Fund

In March 2009, McCormick Motor's established an energy conservation and efficiency fund for every full time employee that is a home owner. At the beginning of each calendar year, up to $500 of matching funds will be available to participating employees. This money is available to offset expenditures made by an employee based on $0.25 for every $1.00 spent on a home improvement that is directly related to energy conservation or efficiency. Funds may be drawn at any time provided the following criteria are met. 


The policy reinforces McCormick Motors commitment to reduce energy consumption and to minimize the environmental impact by encouraging our employees to follow our lead in reducing our energy consumption.  In January 2011, the program was expanded to increase the offset up to $0.35 for every $1.00 spent up to a maximum of $700 annually.  Employees may calculate their savings and return on investment using the energy calculator below.