Solar Power and Energy Conservation

Our Energy Story

Since 1998, McCormick Motors has made a significant investment in improving our use of energy and reducing our carbon footprint. Despite a 70% increase in building space and staff since 1998, McCormick Motors has maintained its 1998 level of electric consumption and reduced natural gas consumption by 70%. These savings were achieved using a wide range of initiatives including new technologies and targeted processes.

In January 2009, our dealership completed the installation of a 6kW solar panel system, the first of a six-phase renewable power generation plan. In April 2013, the final phase was completed and the solar array is in excess of 60 kW. Future planning calls for the expansion of the system to over 100 kW.

In June 2014, McCormick Motors was selected by General Motors to be one of 13 pilot program dealerships for their GM Green Dealer Recognition Program.

In the summer of 2023, our dealership initiated the process of adding chargers for electric vehicles to our facility.  With the introduction of the GMC Hummer EV truck and SUV, the Chevrolet Silverado, Blazer, and Equinox EV's it was imperitive to equip our dealership with the latest technology to care for electric vehicles as rolled out by the manufacturers that we sell and service.  Isuzu and Hino are also in the process of developing EV chassis trucks for the medium duty truck market.  As an interesting note, the building between our showroom and service building was once a gas station.  This is where the majority of our EV chargers will be placed over the coming years to make it a hub for these vehicles.

GM’s Green Dealer Program has Two Objectives:

  • To recognize the commitment that dealers have made in their buildings and operation that meet a set of environmental criteria.
  • To provide encouragement and tools to help dealers continually improve their performance and be environmentally responsible.

Solar Plant

In a broader sense, the overall goal for the dealership is a 50% reduction in electricity by 2020 through a combination of energy conservation/efficiency and renewable power generation.


6.0 kW Installed February 12, 2009
6.4 kW Installed October 11, 2010
6.4 kW Installed December 6, 2010
13.0 kW Installed January 26, 2011
6.5 kW Installed October 31, 2012
22.6 kW Installed April 26, 2013
7.7 kW Installed December 27, 2016
26.5 kW Installed July 10, 2017

Total Electricity Produced Since February 12, 2009:  1.0045 GWh

Last updated 6/1/2024.  Information is released monthly based on our solar information system reports.

Funded in part by a grant from the Indiana Office of Energy Development, McCormick Motors has been certified as a GM Green Dealer. We have been recognized for achieving the GM Green Dealer Certification Program and we are always looking for new, exciting innovations to take us into the future!

Employee Energy and Conservation Fund

In March 2009, McCormick Motors established an energy conservation and efficiency fund for every full-time employee that is a homeowner. At the beginning of each calendar year, up to $500 of matching funds will be available to participating employees. This money is available to offset expenditures made by an employee based on $0.35 for every $1.00 spent on home improvement that is directly related to energy conservation or efficiency. Funds may be drawn at any time provided the following criteria are met.  Participating employees must complete a home energy audit before funds will be distributed. The audit is the annual enrollment form for the program. Projects must demonstrate that they will directly contribute to energy conservation or efficiency.  Paid receipts for completion of the project must be presented when reimbursement is requested. Paid receipts more than six months old are not eligible for reimbursement.  Projects related to new construction or home expansions are not eligible for reimbursement.  Reimbursement is only for materials and/or contracted labor. There is no reimbursement for individual employee labor on the project.

The policy reinforces McCormick Motors’ commitment to reduce energy consumption and to minimize the environmental impact by encouraging our employees to follow our lead in reducing our energy consumption.  In January 2011, the program was expanded to increase the offset up to $0.35 for every $1.00 spent up to a maximum of $700 annually. 

A total of 52 projects completed to help reduce the energy demand of employee-owned homes since the program was created in March 2009.

Employee Expenditure Since March 2009:  $117,160.54

McCormick Motors Contribution:   $25,250.43

*This information will be updated after review of any eligible employee expenditure/project.